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Our Model: The Central Learning Hub




Better Together. Not just a catchy song by Jack Johnson, but the philosophy behind Spiffy.



While most software operates in a silo, we created a learning environment where content can be delivered by multiple sources. Since we’re all sharing, we can deliver twice as much information for a fraction of the cost to each partner.


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With Spiffy, a user creates an account, joins a team, and can receive relevant content from multiple sources based on their employer and role.
Of course, their employer can load internal training to ensure their team is up-to-speed on the latest products and procedures.
But we also deliver relevant product knowledge from the brands this user represents on the front-line.
With job specific AND product specific information delivered in one feed, they’re twice as prepared to deliver an exceptional guest experience!

Model – spiffy lite

Our Focus

This model is a perfect fit for the hospitality industry. To add additonal value here, we have produced a series of our own content with the help of some industry experts, and cultivated relationships with a long list of beer, wine, and spirit companies. This content is free to restaurants that serve alcohol, and will raise the bar on server knowledge within your establishment!

In other industries, many of our user feeds only ever receive modules from their employers, but all partners will enjoy a quality training tool at a reduced rate thanks to our shared-access model.


Raja Bhatia