What exactly is Spiffy?

Spiffy helps restaurants spend less time, and less money on staff training! Our microlearning app delivers product knowledge from alcohol brands, how-to’s from POS and other tech companies, and of course your own menu items, processes and more!

Do I need an in-store terminal to use Spiffy?


The Spiffy dashboard (for administrators) is available on any web browser!

The Spiffy app (for staff to engage with your training) is available on both iPhone, Android, as well as web browsers.


I forgot/need to change my password

If you know your current password:

  1. Login to the spiffy app via mobile device
  2. Select the settings tab in the top right ()
  3. Select “Change Password”
  4. When prompted:
    1. Enter your current password followed by your new password, and submit the form.

If you do not know your current password:

  1. Open the spiffy app via mobile device and select “Login”
  2. Then, select “Forgot Password?”
  3. Enter your email address and hit submit
    1. This will automatically send a recovery email to your email address, where you can follow the prompts to reset your password and regain access to your Spiffy account.

Note: Sometimes, the password reset email may be caught in your Junk/Spam filter. Please check all inboxes after submitting the form.

Managers / Administrators

What is the difference between a Manager role tag and status?

The manager role tag pertains to a location manager who will receive content and quizzes.

The manager status promotes a user to access the dashboard for their respective location.

What is the difference between a Manager and an Admin?


  • Full Admin
    • Can access the entire dashboard and features across the company as a whole
  • Read Only Admin
    • Can view the entire dashboard but not make changes


  • Can see the entire dashboard for respective location (s)
  • Can view quizzes, but not add/edit

What is a module?

There are 4 parts that make up a module. All four components must be complete to deploy the module to your staff.

  • Details/description
    • This section includes the quiz name, description, start/end date and the audience.
  • Image
    • Upload an image here that will appear as the thumbnail image in the feed
  • Video/content
    • Here you can upload a PDF or video that makes up the body of your training module. This is where the core training will take place
  • Questions
    • You can choose between 3 different formats of questions to test your staff on their training and ensure that they’ve learned their module.

Don’t forget to save each question AND the page when you are done

Why can't I save my quizzes?

When creating questions you’ll be asked to save each question and the final question page itself. In this case, you’re missing the little save button on the bottom right of the page.

How can I end a quiz?

Spiffy modules have to have a start date when they’re first created, but they can also have a close date (called due date in Spiffy). You would use this for modules on items or events that have limited relevancy such as weekly specials, holiday menus and daily features.

  • By setting an appropriate due date, the module will be removed from the feed and employees will not learn out-of-date items.

Modules can also be closed manually

  • Click on the quizzes tab
  • Select the Actions column on the far right
  • From here, you’ll have the option to edit or close a live module.

Be aware. After a module is deployed, you can’t edit the module to add a close date. 

My PDF content is stuck 'converting'

This is most likely an error within the content type field.

  • Check that the content type (available at the top of the content section) within the individual module is set to PDF and not video.
  • Once you’ve uploaded the file and saved it, you’ll see your pdf begin to convert.